"Crossing Euphrates"

On that day Jehovah concluded with Abram a covenant, saying: “To your seed I will give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates." -- Genesis 15:18


According to the Bible, Jehovah provided much needed INSPIRED LEADERSHIP in the first century and in ancient times (like in the days of Moses), and yet are we to believe He refuses to see the need of providing it in our day and time??? Does this make sense to you? Does this seem consistent to you? (See John 16:13, 14)
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Secret Sin of "Achan" brought calamity upon the entire nation. -- See discussion in the February 15, 1979 Watchtower magazine pages 9-12.

Joshua 7th chapter tells us about the secret sin of Achan. Achan, as we recall, was guilty of secret sin, just like the Governing Body has committed with the secret UN-NGO Affair. Wicked Achan sinned and hid it. Also, the Governing Body did the same thing, when they committed spiritual "fornication" and then hid it from the brotherhood of Jehovah's witnesses, from 1991 to 2001 -- 10 years.

Further, when they were confronted about this sin of spiritual "fornication," they UNREPENTANTLY "lied" about it, saying they did this to have a "Library Card" to the UN Library. Now, how do you think Jehovah felt about this?

Commenting on the Secret Sin of Achan, the February 15, 1979 Watchtower page 11 paragraph 5 said:

"Someone may ask, why did God get angry with the nation for what one man did? Bible scholars agree that it was a matter of COMMUNITY SIN before God. The Israelites as a nation had God's name upon them. What they did represented their God and his ways, in the eyes of the other nations. An act of greed, theft and lying on the part of one individual reflected on the reputation of the whole nation, and therefore on the name of the god whom they served. -- Deut. 21:1-9"

In view of the NGO Secret Sin, and the fact that "lying" was used to "cover it up" on the part of the leaders of the Watchtower Society, does not the above paragraph, then show the same counsel, also should apply to the very writers of this article, yes, the Governing Body and Watchtower Society writers of the literature of Jehovah's witnesses?

Does not the same above paragraph which speaks of "community guilt" also apply to all God's People, because of the wickedness perpetrated upon Jehovah's witnesses because of the secret NGO situation?

The February 15, 1979 Watchtower magazine (pages 9-12) itself, described Achan's sin as "an act of greed, theft and lying on the part of one individual [Achan] ... which reflected on the reputation of the whole nation."

Why does this counsel then only apply to wicked "Achan," and his secret sin, but not to the writers of this particularly insightful article -- the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses when they sin before God, and then try to hide it from the worldwide brotherhood?

In chapter 7 of the book of Joshua, Jehovah said to Joshua,

"Israel has sinned, and they have also overstepped my covenant that I laid as a command upon them". . .

Jehovah said Israel, the whole nation, had sinned before Him, when only, 1 man had sinned actually, and hid his sin.

Because of the hidden "sin" of the "Achan-like" Governing Body involving their spiritual "fornication" with the "wild beast", by becoming secret NGO-UN Affiliates, could the same be possible for all of Jehovah's witnesses today? If not, why do you say this? What proof, can you offer to disprove such a possibility?

The bible account at Joshua 7th chapter gives us the real answer to such a question, if we are really honest with ourselves, I believe.

In this particular article (February 15, 1979 Watchtower magazine) the Watchtower Society showed a number of important points that can help us better understand our predicament, because of the Hidden Sin of the Governing Body and the NGO Situation. The points mentioned show us:

1. By Achan's Secret Sin, all of Israel had broken the covenant of God, when Achan disobeyed God's commands and hid his transgression. By doing this, he brought guilt and "ostracism" from God, upon the entire nation.

Joshua himself said to Achan,

"...why have you brought ostracism upon us [the nation of Israel]...?" -- Joshua 7:25

Joshua acknowledged the extent of Achan's transgression, when he showed the entire nation of Israel experienced full "ostracism" [alienation] from Jehovah, because of 1 (one) man's secret sin before God.

Therefore, how can we say the UN-NGO Secret Sin of the Governing Body, is any different, in the eyes of Jehovah?

2. Also, in this particular article the WTS states: the Secret Sin of one member [Achan] endangered the whole body of God's People.

They also stated in this article, the need for "guilt" to be removed from the nation.

3. Could the same be true for us, Jehovah’s Witnesses today?


We, as Jehovah's people were also taught by the WTS, to keep the organization clean we needed to report wrongdoing. (Lev. 5:1) This was said to be so, because the holy spirit could only then, continue to flow freely, unobstructed, when the congregation was kept clean. The WTS also said, when wrongdoing in the congregation was NOT dealt with properly, the holy spirit would be hindered or removed from that congregation. -- 1 Corinthian 5:5; Hebrews 12:14, 15

Now, let's notice the following quote taken from the W79 2/15 page 12 paragraph 1, which makes this very same point. It states:

"Furthermore, such a sin, if allowed to go uncorrected, would infect the whole body of people. The nation would deteriorate into fighting battles, not to uphold God's name and true worship, but for mere selfish conquest. The apostle Paul showed that allowance or condoning of serious sin is insidious and perilous when he wrote to the Christian congregation in Jerusalem to beware "that no poisonous root may spring up and cause trouble and that many may not be defiled by it; that there may be no fornicator nor anyone not appreciating sacred things, like Esau..."

Therefore based upon the above, why is not the very same thing true for the worldwide congregation of Jehovah's witnesses, because of the "leaven" secretly planted upon them by means of the hidden NGO Sin, carried out by the wicked "Achan-like" Governing Body?

Didn't Paul say, "...a little leaven ferments the whole lump?" -- See Galatians 5:9

Why is not that same immutable Godly principle shown in Galatians 5:9, also true of our worldwide congregation of Jehovah's witnesses today, because of the secret sin of the Governing Body?

Also, 2 Corinthians 7:11 says,

"...For, look! this very thing, your being saddened in a godly way, what a great earnestness it produced in you, yes, CLEARING OF YOURSELVES, yes, indignation, yes, fear, yes, longing, yes, zeal, yes, righting of the wrong! In every respect you demonstrated yourselves to be chaste in this matter."

Now, ask yourself: Have Jehovah's witnesses done as Paul recommended above? Have Jehovah's witnesses shown real "zeal" before God, in "clearing themselves" of the wickedness of the Governing Body, the hidden NGO Sin itself? Have Jehovah's witnesses "demonstrated themselves to be chaste" in this particular "matter" of the UN-NGO Secret Sin before Jehovah and Jesus, the head of the Christian Congregation?

In short, since October of 2001, have Jehovah's witnesses, taken any "action" in "removing the unrepentant wicked [the Governing Body] from their very midst," per the counsel found at 1 Corinthians 5:13?

If not, then can we say, Jehovah's Witnesses as a nation, ARE CLEAN, PURE, CHASTE before our God Jehovah.

No, if they have not "cleared themselves" of this heinous wickedness of the Governing Body, no one Jehovah's Witnesses can say this. Of course, that's my opinion...what's yours?

Remember, 2 Corinthians 7:11 speaks of Christians..."CLEARING THEMSELVES..." of sin, that has been practiced unrepentantly in the congregation by willful wrongdoers. It does not say,

"...if the perpetrators are found to be the Governing Body, then go ahead and overlook it."

Therefore, using the Watchtower Society's own literature, using the February 15, 1979 Watchtower magazine itself, how can Jehovah's Witnesses say they have done this...namely "cleared themselves" of the NGO Sin, if we all know, actually NO ACTION has been taken to "remove the wicked" [Governing Body] from our midst?" No, I don't believe we can truthfully say this. -- 1 Corinthians 13:11

No, we cannot say as a Christian body of united ones, 6 million of us, relative to the Secret NGO Sin of the Governing Body, even 3 1/2 years after Jehovah Himself has revealed it to all, using the Guardian News of October 2001 -- we still can't really say the following:

"we have demonstrated ourselves to be CHASTE in this matter,"

No, we can not. Because the "guilt" of the Secret NGO Situation, still hangs upon our heads, as a united congregation worldwide.

Neither can we say, we have shown great "earnestness" in removing the "leaven", nor great "zeal" in removing the wickedness from ourselves, and thus avoid becoming completely "fermented" as a "whole lump," either before Jehovah God or Jesus Christ, can we?

Remember, Paul said we must,

"...yes, CLEARING OF YOURSELVES, yes, indignation, yes, fear, yes, longing, yes, zeal, yes, righting of the wrong!"

But, if we are honest with ourselves, Jehovah's Witnesses as a nation, have NOT "cleared themselves" before God of the Hidden NGO Sin of the Governing Body...therefore the "guilt" remains upon us as a people and nation...until we do.

Ask yourself,

1) So, how does the NGO Secret Sin of the Governing Body, differ from
the hidden of "Achan"?

2) Based upon what we have been taught, why aren't we saying, Jehovah's Witnesses are also to be found "guilty" before Jehovah as a NATION, because of the "Community Guilt" factor?

3) Actually, what makes the NGO Sin, so different, from the sin of wicked Achan, I ask?

And finally, how do we "clear ourselves" of this heinous sin, and show we "demonstrate chasteness" completely in this matter?

What would Jesus say, we need to do, to "clear ourselves?" -- 2 Corinthians 7:11


Many reformers among Jehovah’s Witnesses, after learning about the disgraceful UN-NGO Affair on the part of the Governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, actually believe that the Governing Body has indeed committed Spiritual Adultery in Jehovah’s eyes. Yes, they do! Nevertheless, while stating the above, still many reformers do not fully comprehend the full implications of what such a statement means, namely to say God’s People are to be found in the "last days" yes, "GUILTY" before God, yes guilty of Spiritual Adultery or Idolatry in God’s eyes.

However, here is something very important to think about.

If "Israel" Jehovah's Witnesses, have indeed committed spiritual ADULTERY in God's eyes, because of "community guilt" being placed upon them, by way of the UN-NGO Secret Affair, then we must consider the following.

We must remember Spiritual Adultery in God's eyes is a heinous situation indeed. Actually when we think back, the act of "adultery" per say, can be defined as introducing a foreign substance into something that is pure, clean or holy. Therefore, marital "adultery" occurs when the holy marriage arrangement has had something "foreign" introduced within it, thus, polluting or corrupting it. For example, when someone who has been previously wed in holy matrimony, and then later, unfaithfully goes out after the marriage has occurred, and takes another sex partner and thus "ADULTERATES" or infiltrates the sacred marriage bond with an unclean substance. Thus, this infidel or unfaithful person, has "adulterated" the holy marriage arrangement itself, by bringing another sex partner who is not a part of this holy marital arrangement before God.

When this occurs, the following becomes a reality, a harsh fact:

Spiritual Adultery = Marriage Covenant Broken...in God's eyes.

Another fact: Jehovah's Witnesses as God's Name People and as "Israel," are married or espoused to God...as a nation.

In years past, when the wicked, unfaithful nation of Israel committed "Adultery" against Jehovah God, inadvertently, it always gave Jehovah the LEGAL OPTION (per covenant contract terms) to DIVORCE this wicked people. Therefore, since Jehovah becomes the innocent marriage mate in this case, who was mistreated, He always, always has this option. (Although we know, many, many foolish Jehovah witnesses act as though, Jehovah does NOT have this option at His disposal, and that God is "duty bound" to always keep them as His Name People and Special Property no matter what -- still we know he does retain this option, at all times, namely to DIVORCE His Name People. (For those of us who can't believe this could happen to God's Name People, please consider Matthew 21:43 and Matthew 23:38 and that point will be come quite clear to us.)

Therefore, Jehovah LEGALLY, could "give a certificate of divorce" to His Newly Adulterous Unfaithful Wifely Organization. That's just a fact. The terms are already written in the contract of Godly Covenant.

The following are 2 examples of this LEGAL option, always available for Jehovah, in case his "wifely" organization, becomes guilty of Adultery against his Holy Covenant Arrangement.

"When I got to see that, for the very reason that unfaithful Israel had committed adultery, I sent her away and proceeded to give the CERTIFICATE OF HER FULL DIVORCE to her..." -- Jeremiah 3:8

"This is what Jehovah has said: "Where, then, is the DIVORCE CERTIFICATE of the mother of you people, whom I sent away?..." -- Isaiah 50:1

Because of the above, all Jehovah's Witnesses are facing imminent DIVORCE from Jehovah God, as His Name People.

Jehovah's witnesses will be severely punished by God sending the nation into the "wilderness" for special punishment for their wicked, adulterous ways.

And then, and only then, will the nation will be offered a New Marriage Covenant Arrangement with God...because of their Adultery, which broke the original Godly Marital Covenant.

"And I will bring you into the wilderness of the peoples and put myself on judgment with you there face to face. Just as I put myself on judgment with your forefathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so I shall put myself on judgment with you, is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah. And I will make you pass under the rod and bring you into the BOND OF THE COVENANT. And I will clean out from you the revolters and the transgressors against me, for out of the land of their alien residence I shall bring them forth, but onto the soil of Israel they will not come; and you people will have to know that I am Jehovah." -- Ezekiel 20:35-38

Also this prophecy shows the same thing,

"In those days and at that time, is the utterance of Jehovah, the sons of Israel, they and the sons of Judah together, will come. They will walk, weeping as they walk, and for Jehovah their God they will seek. To Zeion they will keep asking the way, with their faces in that direction, saying come and let us join ourselves to Jehovah in AN INDEFINITELY LASTING COVENANT that will not be forgotten." -- Jeremiah 50:4, 5

And also this prophecy,

"For this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah said, I also must do with you just as you have done, because you despised the oath in BREAKING MY COVENANT. And I, I myself, must remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I must establish for AN INDEFINITELY LASTING COVENANT. And you will certainly remember your ways and feel humiliated when you receive your sisters, the ones older than you as well as the ones younger than you, and I shall certainly give them to you as daughters, but not owing to your [keeping the] covenant [in faithfulness]. And I, I myself, will establish MY COVENANT with you; and you will have to know that I am Jehovah, in order that you may remember and actually be ashamed and you may no more come to have any reason to open [your big] mouth because of your humiliation, when I make AN ATONEMENT [using the new INDEFINITELY LASTING COVENANT] for you for all that you have done, is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah." -- Ezekiel 16:59-63

James 4:4 speaks of how the Marriage Covenant is always broken by Israel:

"ADULTERESSES, do you not know that the friendship with the world is enemity with God?..."

James calls it spiritual "Adultery." And he freely calls the Christian congregation "Adulteresses" too, when they join in "friendship with the world," like the Secret NGO situation, for instance. This makes the Christian congregation of Jehovah's witnesses guilty of spiritual "Adultery" in God's eyes, and thus the Marriage Bond Covenant between God and His Name People on earth ... is unquestionably BROKEN...in God's eyes.

6th Angel

***This article was contributed by YORWW Bible Academy found at the LivingWatersForum.com website.***

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