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We wish all to know the following: Simply put, the YORWW Bible Academy [YBA] is an online bible study course, especially designed to educate God's Name People (Jehovah's Witnesses) in gaining a correct understanding of bible prophecy, and set up to dutifully advise them of the key role they play in this prophetic drama as "apostate" Modern Day "Israel" of bible prophecy. (Isaiah 10:6) That being the case, if you are visiting us for the first time by chance, and are NOT familiar with the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses per say, please be advised all our discussion boards have been set up for Jehovah's Witnesses, to deal at length with their unique beliefs, biblical teachings and precepts taught currently among their number. In other words, the YORWW Bible Academy [YBA] is primarily set up to correct those erroneous views held by Jehovah's Witnesses and only them.


The Crossing Euphrates discussion board has been set up [by the YORWW Congregation] strictly for (a) CURRENT OR FORMER JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, who also must be (b) individuals who still believe in the forty (40) Basic, Fundamental Truths currently taught by Jehovah's Witnesses today. Indeed, these two (2) important qualifications are a REQUIREMENT to join this particular discussion board.  Thus, if you do NOT  believe in these basic, fundamental truths, then please DO NOT attempt to join our discussion board!  You can find a complete list of  (along with a full discussion of each teaching) these 40 Beliefs at this link:



Our primary purpose in setting up the 
90-Day Online Bible Study Course at Living Waters Forum  [LWF] is to assist all desiring current or former Jehovah's Witnesses to the sober understanding and realistic truth, as revealed from all available evidence shown in Holy Scripture and prophecy, that the Holy Christian Covenant which has been made available by God Almighty and mediated thru the shed blood of His "only-begotten Son" Jesus Christ ever since the first century of our common era, has regrettably BEEN BROKEN, thus putting God's Name People in a most alarming situation for our times, and in desperate need of another "INDEFINITELY LASTING COVENANT," made possible by the blood of Jesus. -- See Daniel 11:30, 32; Isaiah 55:3; Jeremiah 50:4, 5; Ezekiel 20:36-38. 

To be sure, Bible Prophecy makes quite plain ours is a time of "great distress" and future turmoil, because of the great "increase in lawlessness" by God's Name People against Jehovah's Law, yes Jehovah's
Christian Law Covenant itself. (Jeremiah 30:7; Jeremiah 31:31, 32; Matthew 24:12)  This particular "lawlessness" that has undeniably resulted in the outright breaking of God's Christian Law Covenant, has manifested itself in the blatant form of a particularly heinous, clandestine liaison between the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and the United Nations Organization, wherein they fully agreed to become an NGO Supporter of the "Wild Beast" Organization for close to 10 years (from 1992 thru 2001), thereby placing "community guilt" upon all Seven (7) million Jehovah's Witnesses scattered in over 100,000 congregations worldwide. -- (See Daniel 9:4-20 as instance of "COMMUNITY GUILT" expressed and accepted by the prophet Daniel for the nation.) 

In all such cases, where National Sin has been committed on the part of God's Covenanted People, Jehovah God's accepted standard of repentance fully demands His people now become truly "humiliated" in the face of such a national disgrace and folly, before He would allow them back into His Favor and be known again as His Name People, fully exonerated from this Great Sin on the Governing Body's part, who are referred to in prophecy as wicked "chieftains" and "kings" of God's people, in whom Jehovah's people must fully reject in the end. -- See Leviticus 4:3-21; Ezekiel 43:7-11; Psalms 15:4. 

YORWW Bible Academy [YBA] takes the position Jehovah's Witnesses exclusively, possess a Fundamental Bank of 40 Bible Truths that differentiates them from all other forms of religion today, and uniquely identify them today as God's Name People, Mystery Israel of bible prophecy. 

Therefore, heated discussions on teachings like the trinity, the Deity of Christ, Jesus being Almighty God himself, the wicked being tormented in a burning hell, the literal earth being totally destroyed, all good people going to heaven, or any other teaching or belief known to be NOT consistent with the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses but prevalent in the nominal religions of our time, 
will NOT be tolerated here. 

To those unfamiliar with our purpose here, please note we believe Jehovah's Witnesses are God's Name People and thus are very similar to the ancient nation of Israel, especially because they are carrying God's Name upon themselves and have done so since the year of 
1931. (Numbers 6:27; Deuteronomy 28:10)  Therefore, all our discussion boards (SingNewSong, CrossingEuphrates, and LivingWatersForum) have been especially created to help all sincere current Jehovah's Witnesses realize the fact that they are currently fulfilling Bible Prophecy, and unwittingly being held in spiritual "captivity" by none other than the Watchtower Society, who wickedly fits the prophetic role of Modern Day "BABYLON THE GREAT" of our times. -- Revelation 18:2-4 

Please note so there will be no misunderstanding, the overall purpose of each of our discussion boards is clearly set out in our opening 
"Welcome Message" on the front page of each website respectively. We humbly ask that you please read over each individual message (found on the front page of our discussion boards) to better enhance your own understanding of our most important mission and overall purpose in setting up these discussion boards. 

With these thoughts in mind, we thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. 

YORWW Bible Academy Registrar

Donald C. Burney 

Text Box: Revelation 5:5
Text Box: Ezekiel 17:22-24
Text Box: “Living Water” - John 7:37, 38
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